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  • Modern Education in Digital Class room (Programing by Podar)
  • Trained & Qualified Educators ( all are from outside) & Ideal Teacher-Students Ratio (1:30)
  • Centralized Examination System by Podar
  • Symphonies program to teach English – only in Podar
  • During school hours- Remedial Classes for English& Math
  • Modernized science, English & computer Lab
  • Learning of PE, Performing &Visual Arts.
  • Hygienic, Safe, & Secure Campus & Ultra-Modern, Lush Green and Pollution free Premises.
  • MI Room available, Nurse at sight.
  • Music: Vocal and Instrumental
  • Counselor available
  • Over all Development of Child (Mental – Emotional-Physical-Social)
  • Active Learning VIA VARK (visual,Auditory,Reading,& Kinesthetic)
  • Special attention on Health and hygiene.
  • No Punishment –Zero tolerance policy
  • Exclusive Sports annex for self-defense: Judo, Karate &Boxing.
  • For Confidence Building: Step Aerobics, Yoga & Meditation.